Spice up Your Fall Outfit With a Wool Hat

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that fall is the season that gives you the most opportunities when it comes to fashion. While the weather isn’t always great, there’s no rain that can’t be beaten with a pair of rain boots and accessories in the colors of fall leaves. One of our favorite accessories for fall is definitely a wool hat and if you’re a hat person, too, you’ll be happy to know there are hundreds of models available in stores this year.

A wool hat is the perfect way to complement your favorite fall coat and boots. You can pick all the items in the same color and go for a popular monochromatic look, or you can mix and match them however you like them. A hat will keep your head safe from the cold wind while making you look fashionable with minimum effort. Bonus: if you’re having a bad hair day, lift your look instantly with your favorite hat and don’t worry about it!

Scroll down to see the models we chose for you. Do you wear hats in the fall or do you forget about them as soon as beach season is over?