Stella McCartney Surprises the World With First Bridal Collection

Image via stellamccartney/Instagram

Remember when Meghan Markle showed up in that Stella McCartney gown during her wedding reception and everyone thought, “I wish I could wear a dress like that on my big day.” Well, that’s no longer just a wishful thought. British fashion designer recently unveiled her first bridal collection.

The success of Meghan Markle’s evening gown obviously served as the main inspiration for McCartney’s new line. Made with Love features 17 pieces, strikingly similar to the original design, but unique in their own right.

McCartney tried to re-imagine bridal fashion with her new collection, which targets modern women looking for a new perspective. Her wedding dresses are designed to reflect the individuality of each bride and made of sustainable materials, just like the rest of Stella’s products.

“I think that in this day and age the wedding day is something very different to how it’s traditionally perceived, and I think that the house of Stella McCartney really represents something a little more effortless,” said renowned designer in an official statement.