Summer Wedding Trends

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash

Summer’s the most popular time of the year for weddings, so you might be attending a few this season. Keep your eye out for some of these trends that are bound to pop up this summer.

Repurposing the flowers

Wedding flowers can cost a fortune, and often just end up in the trash after the big celebration is over. This is where companies like  Repeat Roses come in. They take away all the flowers and repurpose them as bouquets for people in need of cheering up.

These include the homeless, victims of domestic abuse, patients at hospices and cancer treatment centers, and more.

Renting not buying

While brides don’t appear to be following this trend yet, grooms and their attendants, bridesmaids, and parents of the bride and groom are resisting the urge to spend vast sums on something they might never wear again.

Instead, they’re opting to rent their outfits. Companies like  The Black Tux and Rent the Runway will even ship your size straight to you.

Crystals all round

The craze for all things crystal is a trend we’re likely to see at weddings this season. Think glittering invitations and shimmering wedding cakes, as well as crystals like rose quartz appearing in the décor.