5 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Suede Items

Wearing suede is the easiest way to add effortless chic to your fall outfits, but keeping it in mint condition can be tricky. Rain, sleet, and snow aren’t particularly kind to suede items so it’s important to protect them at all cost. Here are five steps you should follow to keep your jackets, boots and bags safe and sound.

Get protector spray

Suede items are very sensitive to water, so don’t forget to buy a protector spray to shield them from weather elements that may lead to stains or damage.

Buy special brush

Suede has a soft grain, so it’s best to clean it with a special brush, designed specifically for this fabric. They will help you get rid of the dirt without damaging your precious items.

Avoid water

Water and suede don’t mix well. Pick some other boots when it’s raining outside and avoid cleaning them with water in case they get wet.

Cleaning life hacks

There are several things you can use to get rid of stains on your items, including pencil eraser, white vinegar, cornmeal and talcum powder.

Storage tricks

Suede items shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight, so try finding a cool and dry place so they wouldn’t shrink, fade or harden.