The Best Beauty Secrets We Got Straight From Instagram

Who doesn’t love a good tip or trick, especially when it can make us more beautiful with less effort? There’s currently a no better place to go for beauty and makeup tips than Instagram, so here’s what we picked up from numerous makeup artists and enthusiasts there.

Everything Starts With Skincare

No amount of makeup can (or should) mask the lack of proper skincare, so this is always the most important step. A clean, moisturized face is everything you need before you start applying makeup in the morning.

Layering Makeup

When it comes to foundation, a few thin layers beat one heavy layer every single time. Pick a foundation that looks good when you layer it and only cover places that need it multiple times.

Use Small Brush to Apply Setting Powder

You shouldn’t apply setting powder all over your face; after all, we all need some glow and highlight. Use a small brush for accuracy and only apply it where you need it.

Smart Brow Filling

The sharp “Instagram” brow never really looked good and it’s finally going out of style. What girls do nowadays is draw in thin hair strokes to fill their brows in a natural way.