If You’re Unhappy With How Your Makeup Looks, We Bet You’re Skipping Primer

When it comes to daily makeup, the idea is to get the most effect from as few products as possible so you look naturally beautiful. But what if you’ve tried every foundation you could get your hands on and something’s still not right? Our best bet is that you’re not using a primer and that’s a big mistake.

If you apply foundation straight to your skin without using a primer, you’ll likely notice it vanishing from your face throughout the day. There are so many primers on the market and choosing the best one can be really confusing. How do you even know if you need a hydrating one, a mattifying one, a blurring one, or something else? You want all those effects, not just one of them! The trick is to go with the most obvious issue you have with your skin because that’s the thing a certain primer deals within the best way. It still does all the other stuff, so don’t worry about missing out.

A primer should be applied before foundation and after moisturizer and SPF. Always use a small amount and gently pat the product onto your face. Continue applying your regular makeup and you’ll see the improvement on the very first day!