This Brand Creates Makeup Collections Based on Your Favorite Foods

If you still haven’t heard of cosmetics brand Glamlite, you’re in for a treat since their products look so good you’ll want to eat them. They combine the best of the beauty and the culinary world to create unique collections inspired by our favorite fast foods.

Pizza Collection

Pizza is one of those guilty pleasure dishes no one can possibly resist and the makeup collection inspired by it perfectly channels its colorful texture. The pizza palette looks so realistic we dare you not to eat it, but we’re also in love with pizza slice-shaped eyelash boxes.  

Burger Collection

Don’t let the name of this collection fool you since it features so much more than a burger-shaped eyeshadow palette. It comes with other products inspired by fast-food essentials, including a sweet milkshake lipstick.

Viva Mexico! Collection

This Glamlite collection offers the most versatile range of products since it’s inspired by several specialties of Mexican cuisine. In addition to featuring a taco-shaped palette, it also comes with adorable lipsticks, inspired by margaritas, churros, and horchata.