This Spring Will Be All About Blue Outfits

There’s never a bad time to wear something blue! Though it’s a tradition to have something blue at your wedding, you definitely want to include all shades of this color in your everyday outfit choices.

Today, we practically consider this color a neutral, and that’s probably because we’re so used to wearing jeans in all shades of blue. This gives it plenty of versatility and options for combining with more things than you could’ve ever imagined.

This spring, wear blue dresses, blouses, shoes, and accessories and enjoy your new chic outfits. Blue garments are perfect for any occasion, from going to work every day to fancy events like weddings, as long as you pick the right models and fabrics. Enjoy experimenting and updating your spring wardrobe! Scroll down to see what colors look best next to blue and feel free to steal some ideas from these fashionable ladies.