Vans is Releasing a “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Range

Vans has given us countless pop culture-inspired collections in the past, and their latest couldn’t be more perfectly timed. The beloved shoe brand is currently plotting a new range inspired by the timeless classic The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Not much is known about this collection right now, apart from the fact that it’s coming soon, but the expectations are already running high. The original Tim Burton movie was filled with visually stunning scenes, and we’re looking forward to seeing how they’ll translate to Vans’ signature shoes.

Designers shouldn’t lack inspiration because our favorite characters from this movie – including Sally, Oogi Boogie, and Jack Skellington – all deserve to be honored by Vans. Judging by the promotional video, adorable ghost dog Zero will also be a part of the pack.

This collection still doesn’t have an official launch date, but we’re pretty sure it will be here just in time for Halloween. Die-hard fans of this animated classic tend to re-watch it on this holiday, so why not do it while wearing a pair of your own Nightmare shoes?