Welcome Spring with MAC’s New Collection Boom Boom Bloom

Getting through the cold winter months takes a lot of energy, and what a better way to celebrate the turn of the seasons than with a couple of new items in your vanity case?

The creative masterminds at MAC are as excited about spring as the rest of us and they’re celebrating it with a new collection Boom Boom Bloom.

This petal-powered, limited-edition makeup line is here to help you welcome new season with a smile on your face – while sporting one of MAC’s signature products. Each of them features signature sakura-printed packaging, which is so cute you couldn’t possibly resist it.

Once again, MAC offers everything you need for a perfect glam-up in a single collection. Boom Boom Bloom features set of lipsticks, lip glosses and highlighters, an eye shadow palette, a strobe cream and a cherry blossom-scented primer.

Products from this collection are already available in MAC stores and if you’re a fan of pink, you’ll probably find something that suits you since this happens to be primary color of the whole collection.