Why are Crocs a Thing?

Will horrible news ever cease? The Amazon is on fire, the Bahamas are being blasted by a hurricane and now, Crocs are fashionable!?!? Crocs were originally designed for comfort and practicality while gardening, but today they seem to be worn by those who desperately want to make them fashion-forward. 

Brands like Christopher Kane have produced an embellished croc, Balenciaga has gone so far as to create a pair that look like pumps -but maybe the kind that you would put on a Polly Pocket. The atrocity has even been featured on the catwalk and been photographed on fashion icons and models alike. 

The latest Croc convert? None other than Ariana Grande. The pop star Instagrammed a photo of her herself wearing a rather frumpy outfit altogether, and having the audacity to top it off with some crisp white crocs and crew socks. She did manage to bring some class to the ensemble by topping it off with a designer satchel, but still, she isn’t wearing pants (*shrugs*). Even though we may disagree on our sense of street style, we still love you Ariana!

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wanderin n wonderin 🍂

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