You’re Guide to Finding the Perfect Jeans

Are you still trying to find your perfect pair of jeans? Jeans are the one items of clothes you wear over and over again and getting the ones that look and feel great is harder than it should be. Just when you thought you bought the right pair, you find somethings just a bit off with them. Well now, we’ve come up with a way to help you find the jeans you’ve been searching for. Here are our secrets!

Find the Right Fit

If you’re looking for an easy solution to finding the right jeans for your body, there’s isn’t one. You can’t expect to find amazing jeans online. You have to try several pairs on in different stores until you find the right pair. When you get that aha, moment, you’ll know it.

Pay Attention to Fabric

Your jeans shouldn’t feel uncomfortable and you shouldn’t be counting down the seconds until you can take them off. It’s all about the fabrics and cotton or TENCEL™ fibers will feel dreamy against your skin. If stretchier jeans are your thing, look for ones that have up to fifteen percent spandex and polyester and if you like a more standard jean, look for ones with two percent Lycra.

Choose the Style

We totally get that faded jeans with rips and mom jeans are trendy right now, but they don’t work throughout the seasons or with every outfit. Go for denim that’s medium to dark washes with finished hems.