Zara Plans to Only Use 100% Sustainable Fabrics by 2025

It’s always refreshing to see our favorite brands adopting a more eco-friendly approach and using recyclable fabrics in the creation of their products. Zara is the latest high-end fashion house to go down this road, and they intend to only sell 100% sustainable clothes by 2025.

Zara will kick off its green initiative by putting up containers where you can bring old clothes you no longer wear. They’ll be reused or recycled into new items, as part of the company’s new social and environmental commitment which aims to transform every Zara store into an eco‑friendly oasis by 2025.

According to Pablo Isla, the chief executive of Inditex, this decision was inspired by their desire “to be a force for change,” that’s shared by everyone working for this company.

“We are the ones establishing these targets: the strength and impulse for change is coming from the commercial team, the people who are working with our suppliers, the people working with fabrics. It is something that’s happening inside our company,” said Isla in an interview with The Guardian.