5 Fruit Nails Styles You Should Try This Summer

Watermelon nails
Image by Subbotina/Depositphotos

If you’re in the mood to give your nails a total makeover this summer, get ready to add some fruits to the mix! Fruity nails are one of the nail art trends we’ll be seeing everywhere this season, and we’re bringing you five of the juiciest looks worth trying.


Nails with strawberry print have been going strong for quite some time, and their popularity won’t fade away this season.


“Blueberry nail art” is one of the most surprising nail art trends to make it to Pinterest’s summer forecast. You’ll love them if you’re a fan of subtle colors, and they can look even better when combined with lemon nail art.


If you search for “fruit nails” on Instagram, you’ll stumble upon countless photos of manicures with orange print, and their domination is impossible to deny.


Yellow is shaping up to be one of the colors of the season, and you can easily embrace it through your nail art. Lemons are the first fruit that comes to mind when someone mentions this color, and they’ll look amazing on your nails.

Tutti Fruity

If you’re struggling to opt for a single fruit print, don’t despair. Tutti fruity nails will be one of the summer’s biggest manicure trends, and they’re all about celebrating all of your favorite fruits through nail art.