5-Minute Makeup Tutorial by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Image by @boujibrushes / Instagram

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley an English model, actress, designer, businesswoman and a new mum, presented a video of her 5-minute make up tutorial. She was in New York when she made the video and wanted to show her day to day beauty routine.

She started it with a face mist using Caudalie’s cult Beauty Elixir. Then followed with a primer, Erborian glow cream which she stated gives an amazing glow and illuminating kind of feel. Next is the BB Crème for a baby skin effect. “I like to use my hands because it’s quick, easy, and the warmth of the hands kind of diffuses the product into your face in a more natural way,” she says. The model also described herself as a lip balm freak after applying the Glossier lip balm then put a little bit of concealer from her own beauty line. Followed by Chanel bronzer on her cheek and pops a little in the eye socket which she stated was a tip from a makeup artist. “I don’t believe you can do mascara without curling your lashes,” she continues.

“My makeup routine definitely did not change since becoming a mum,” disclosed by her. She also admitted that she is not typically using eyeshadow in the day but when she discovered Jillian Demsy’s eyeshadow, she got obsessed with it. On her cheeks was the cheek and lip contour then the highlighter on top of her cheek bone, a little bit under the brow, cupid’s bow and in the center of the nose. For the pouty looking lips, Rosie drew the lip liner on it then applied the lipstick. Guerlain foundation gives an extra bit of coverage on the face according to the model as she applied it on her chin.

Lastly, she took out her hair and gave a quick zhoosh to volumize it. “Maybe I always think it takes me five minutes to do my makeup, but it actually doesn’t,” she even cracked a joke. “That’s probably why I’m late all the time.” That was an easy to learn short makeup session for a supermodel look.