6 Things No Grown Woman Should Have in Her Closet

Photo by Alp Allen Altiner on Unsplash

We always seem to talk about the essentials, the things that you should always have by your side. But we tend to forget to focus on the deadly sins of fashions – things you shouldn’t even be caught dead with.

There are some things that will never have a place in your closet, whether they are downright hideous or remnants of a time that is never coming back. Let’s see ‘em!

Old bridesmaid dresses

No, you won’t “look younger” wearing something that was trendy 10 years ago.

Old Halloween costumes

You will find out the hard way that the notion of sexy tends to change.

Painful heels

Over 30, nobody will think that those stilettos make you look better.

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Anything holey

Just no. If you see a hole in your shirt, don’t try to make it look like a Yeezy sweatshirt from season 4. These things just don’t fly if you’re older than 20.


Ill-fitting dresses

Suits come and go, they fit and later they don’t. Your closet only has so much room.

Festival wear

Not really, right?