6 Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket Like a New Yorker

Image via Pexels

NYC girls have always been the leaders when it comes to key fashion trends. It’s the beginning of spring and because of this, it’s time for the awakening of perhaps the most crucial non-blouse clothing item – the leather jacket.

You don’t just wear the jacket, you live it. It’s time to go full on Rockstar and wear it with your soul. Let’s take a look at how the girls in the Big Apple do it.

With black culottes and slip-on sneakers

Mixing the good ol’ leather look with some casual pieces is badass.

Alongside a silk skirt and mules

These two additions just add to the initial edginess, so you will be even more noticeable.

With a short dress and sports shoes

Shoes for looking more confident, the dress for added contrast and a summery look.

Printed pants and a white button-down

Daring, serene and stylish at the same time.

With a knee-length skirt and a graphic tee

The skirt is for classiness and the tee is a flashback to your early teens.

Ankle boots and a printed maxi

This look is the bomb this season don’t miss out on the fun.

With skinny jeans

The jeans are an excellent piece to connect all the leather.