Fashion Rules to Break Right Now

Image via Pexels

Now that it’s 2018, it’s time to let your personal style shine by ditching a whole lot of ridiculous fashion rules you might have been hearing your whole life. Here are 7 of them to forget about right now:

Don’t mix prints

Do you want to look chic? Well, go ahead and mix those strips and spots and get that maximalist look loved by Gucci and other chic brands.

Don’t mix metals

Have you gone through life thinking it’s wrong to wear gold and silver together? Not true. Watch out for on-trend combinations of rose gold and silver, yellow gold, and copper.

Don’t wear long skirts if you’re petite

No matter your height, maxi skirts and dresses can look perfect. Just tailor them to suit your height.

Wear flats only with casual wear

Not so. Evening flats are now gorgeously detailed and embellished. Go for it!

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Leggings are only for working out in

Leggings belong everywhere, depending on how you style them.

No wearing white after Labor Day

This is silly because there’s nothing more stunning than head-to-toe winter.

Don’t wear fitted clothes if you’re plus-size

The truth is, oversized clothes make you look bigger. Wear fitted, supportive pieces to look your best.