We’re Giving Mirror Nails a Chance

Image via caprichosnaillounge/Instagram

Nothing speaks more about a woman than her nails. Your outfit, hair, and makeup you’ve spent hours on can be completely ruined with bad or bitten nails. Most of the time, a classic French manicure is all it takes – as long as your nails are healthy and taken care of, you don’t even need polish. But why not have some fun and try out the new trends that are trending on Instagram?

Luckily, it never gets boring in the world of nail trends. Get ready to see mirror nails everywhere. Not only thousands of girls will wear them, but they will literally be hard to miss with all the shine that’s going on. This new trend looks best on long nails, but those of you who prefer them shorter can also rock it.

The “classic” version comes in silver or gray, but don’t feel limited to those colors. Any nails can resemble a mirror if you learn how to do them right. Find inspiration in the images we prepared for you and schedule your appointment immediately because spring is here!