Beauty Trends From Jenna Ortega’s Instagram You Should Embrace

Jenna Ortega got her big break with roles in Stuck in the Middle and Jane the Virgin and she’s back in the spotlights thanks to new seasons of Netflix smash hit series You. Her makeup choices are pretty great, and we’re bringing you a couple of beauty trends she’s loving right now.

All That Glitter

2020 will be all about Euphoria-inspired glittery looks, and Ortega is already embracing this trend. She’s a huge fan of dazzling eyeshadow, and we can’t wait to see her rocking more of it – preferably in some lighter colors that she adores.

Neon Eyeliner

Neon shades were all the rage in the last few months and they aren’t going anywhere in the New Year. Colorful eyeliners are taking the world by storm, and the young actress already got the memo.

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Colorful Eyeshadow

“The more colorful, the better” seems to be Ortega’s motto when it comes to makeup. She enjoys wearing vibrant eyeshadow colors, but they don’t take away from the natural vibe of the rest of her look.