Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Unveils “The Lion King” Makeup Collection

The premiere of every major Disney movie seems to be accompanied by a release of a makeup collection inspired by its magical world and The Lion King will be no different. Luminess Beauty is dropping an epic range in honor of this Disney classic, designed by Beyoncé’s go-to makeup artist Sir John.

This highly-anticipated collection will be available for purchase on the official Luminess Beauty website on June 15th, before starting to sell at select Ulta locations on July 1st. It will feature a total of eight pieces, including sculpting and eyeshadow pallets, highlighter, tinted lip balm, matte and liquid lipsticks.

In addition to finding guidance in the movie itself, Sir John was also inspired by the warm and rich colors of the African landscapes. He was lucky not to have characters like Snow White and Cinderella limiting his creativity, and simply created a collection around dangerous wild animals.

“I also think women appreciate the grace and beauty of big cats, whether it’s a jaguar, leopard or cheetah. They are so regal and so dangerous, but have a feminine quality that speaks to my clients, who are strong women,” said Sir John.