“Box Bob” is the Latest Trendy Hairstyle Taking Hollywood By Storm

Kristen Bell at the
Kristen Bell at the "Funny Girl" Opening Night on Broadway in April 2022. Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock (12909667x)

We’ve seen many amazing new hair trends emerge since the beginning of the year, but none of them gained more traction than the “box bob”. Everyone from Zendaya to Hailey Bieber seems to love it, but what is this hair craze all about and should you give it a try?

Box bob is a chin-length chop that’s meant to give your hair an illusion of thickness through its boxy silhouette with plenty of volume. The main draw of this hairstyle is that it can add texture and fullness to your hair, and it experienced a huge boom because it’s a low-maintenance hairstyle that’s easy to style.

If you already have short hair or you’re thinking of chopping it off, this hairstyle will be your cup of tea. It’s especially popular with people with thinner hair because it can add texture to their hairstyle, but those with thicker hair enjoy it just as much because it can add more movement to your hair while making it less bulky.

Box bobs are making headlines these days because they’re all the rage in Hollywood and several A-list stars already gave them their seal of approval. Kristen Bell, Serena Williams, Hailey Bieber, Christina Ricci, and Zendaya are some of the celebrities who gave this hairstyle a shot, and the list is getting longer every day.