Clothing Items Every Short Lady Should Own

Image via itshoes/Instagram

All petite ladies have a certain flair and there are certain clothing items that make that flair much more visible. Knowing how to make use of your build is a fine science and you can master it by getting yourself some garments. We’ll show you exactly which ones.

Platforms you can walk in

Let’s face it – too many women feel insecure about their height. Of course, everyone wants to be taller, but you can do it in a stylish way. Small, 3-inch platforms are a way to be tall and not walk like a drunk goose.

A thigh length coat

A good coat is something you won’t find easily. It has to be not too long, otherwise, you’ll look like a clown and there shouldn’t be much debate about short ones either.

A good coat should be right between those two, allowing you to show off in some flat shoes.

A seasonless V-neck blouse

Because you have a smaller torso, you’re going to need a larger blouse. None of that transparent summer stuff though.

Make sure the pattern is timeless and that you can use it with any other item of clothing you have.