How to get Maximum Volume for your Hair

Image by Pexels

Is your hair looking a bit fine or lifeless? We’ve all been there. Here are some of our top tips for adding volume.

Blow-dry upside down

An easy way to add volume is to blow-dry your hair after you get out of the shower to stop it drying flat on your head. Tip your head upside down and put your dryer on full then blow-dry away. A little bit of product like wax or volumising styling powder will go a long way if you want that lush windswept look.

Image by Pexels

Root boosting products

Root boosting products are wonderful if you want to give your hair the appearance of volume. Applying mouse or spray to your roots can give your hair a much needed lift without making the rest of your hair look weighed down with product. I am a fan of Schwarzkopf Got2Be styling powder.

Backcomb and Tease

Backcoming can help you get 80s glam rock hair, but it can also help you volumise a sophisticated cut. Separate your hair into sections then tease the roots with a fine tooth comb and hairspray it in place. Use a paddle brush to neaten the top layer for a sleek, volumised look. Or, if you’re feeling wild, turn your head upside down and backcomb away.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can have a similar affect to volumising powder. If you’re hair is feeling a little greasy on the top of your head, apply dry shampoo to bring it back to life and create texture.

Get layers cut in

If you’re a fan of volume, you probably already know that layers are your friend.  Layers create the appearance of thicker hair.

Photo by Garon Piceli from Pexels

Professional colouring

Colouring is great for fine hair. Low-lights or high-lights will bring out the different layers to create a textured look.