Copy Alexa Demie’s Signature Makeup Looks in Three Short Steps

Euphoria gave us several beauty muses, inducing Alexa Demie who got her big break with the role of Maddy Perez. She reminded us how epic her makeup looks can be while attending one of the Emmy after-parties, and copying them is much easier than it seems.

Cat Eyeliner

Demie mastered the art of applying the perfect winged eyeliner, and she wears it pretty much everywhere she goes. This tiny, but eye-catching detail is here to add a classy vibe to each of her looks because it goes well with pretty much anything thanks to its timeless appeal.

Shiny Lip Gloss

While the rest of the world is still going crazy for matte lipsticks, Alexa Demie seems to prefer shiny lip glosses that were all the rage during the 2000s, but aren’t as trendy these days.

Neon Eyeshadow

This rising star got on everyone’s radar thanks to Euphoria, so it doesn’t come as a surprise she’s a huge fan of colorful makeup looks. Just like our favorite characters from this show, she adores neon and glittery eyeshadow shades.

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