L’Oréal Paris Unveils Highly-Anticipated Karl Lagerfeld Makeup Line

Karl Lagerfeld may not be around anymore, but his legacy lives on. L’Oréal Paris recently paid tribute to the legendary designer by finally releasing a highly-anticipated makeup collection that bears his name.

This collaboration was first announced back in June, when Caroline Lebar, head of image and communication at Maison Karl Lagerfeld, reflected on his love for the world of makeup.

“This line of makeup truly reflects the Karl Lagerfeld brand universe and what Karl loved in makeup – he often used eyeshadows as colors in his sketches… Karl liked it when a collaboration resonated with his brand and would make a real impact to many people,” said Lebar.

After many months in the making, this amazing range was finally unleashed to the world during Paris Fashion Week, and we’re pretty sure that the famous designer would be proud of it.

The limited-edition line features a series of elegant beauty products with a sophisticated, rock-chic attitude – including nine-hue eyeshadow palette, an illuminating highlighter, waterproof eyeliners, volumizing mascara, and rich, moisturizing lipsticks.