Cow Nails: the Unexpected Beauty Craze Trending on Instagram

Getting animal print on your nails is nothing new, but cheetah and leopard design no longer seems to be attractive enough. Cow nails are all the rage on Instagram right now, and we’ll give you one chance to guess who put them on the map.

Kendall Jenner, who happens to be one of the most followed users on Instagram with over 100 people watching her every move, was the one who started it all. During an interview with Allure Magazine, young model revealed she’s dying to do the nails with cow print, and thousands of Instagram users apparently felt the same way.

All of a sudden, nicely-done manicures with this design started popping up everywhere, and we must admit they’re kind of cute. There’s simplicity to them that makes them pretty appealing, and they’re easy to pull off even if you’re doing your nails on your own.

White base sprinkled with black spots looks refreshing and chic, especially if you decide not to go all the way. Doing a nail or two or just your tips in this print can give you statement nails you’re looking for without entering the territory of tacky and distasteful.

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COWabunga 🐄🐄🐄

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