Dollar General Embraces Affordable Approach to Makeup with Believe Beauty

Quality makeup products that don’t cost a fortune are hard to find, but Dollar General is working on changing that. Their new makeup brand, Believe Beauty, is here and each item costs $5 or less!

The American chain of retail stores is following in the footsteps of Target and Walgreens, who presented their own lines of in-house cosmetics in the past. Dollar General is following a similar strategy to these brand, and they’re making accessibility the key by making Believe Beauty one of the most affordable brands on the market.

Their main goal was to create “a makeup brand that offered everyone premium formulas, packaged beautifully, in wearable shades all for $5 and under”. The first drop features a total of 150 products, including lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations, nail polishes, and skincare accessories, which can be found exclusively at the Dollar General stores.

Believe Beauty is promising makeup with amazingly bendable formulas, pure pigments, and creamy textures. Judging by the reactions online, they’re staying true to their word, since people who have had a chance to try it so far seem to be pretty impressed by this affordable brand.