Everything You Should Know About Kylie Cosmetics’ New Lip Kits

It’s been over five years since Kylie Jenner entered the cosmetics scene with her signature lip kits, and she’s been ruling it ever since. The line of products that put her on the map is up for a makeover, and here’s everything you should know about the revamped lip kits before they come out.

New Formula

According to the brand’s official statement, the new lip kits have been made with “all clean and vegan ingredients”, but this isn’t the only reason why they’re worth the investment. The new formula has also been described as non-sticky, comfortable, budge-resistant, and long-lasting with eight-hour wear.

List of Products

The brand also revealed that the re-launch of Jenner’s most iconic product will feature a total of 32 matte singles, 30 high glosses, and 37 lip kits. They’ll be front and center of this collection, but the brand has been teasing several more non-lip products on Instagram, including pressed powder, blushes, and eyebrow pencils.

Launch Date

Kylie Cosmetics has been plotting the re-launch of their iconic lip kits ever since Coty bought the majority stake in 2019. It took some time to keep the ball rolling, but the moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here and the revamped lip kits are hitting the shelves on July 15th.