How Social Media Influenced the Costumes in “Gossip Girl” Reboot

Zión Moreno, Savannah Lee Smith, and Jordan Alexander in
Zión Moreno, Savannah Lee Smith, and Jordan Alexander in "Gossip Girl"

If you loved the original Gossip Girl for the character’s bold fashion choices, you won’t be disappointed by its reboot. The new Gen Z version of the beloved teen drama is here, and the style of its characters is heavily influenced by the fashion trends on social media.

According to the show’s costume designer Eric Daman, social media was a catalyst to the style and the fashion on the show. He did a deep dive on Instagram to come up with the costumes for the new set of characters who grew up in the age of social media.

“Fashion has changed so much. On the original, the internet was a thing, but social media like Instagram wasn’t around, so a lot of the research has come through social media influences,” Daman told Entertainment Tonight.

The influence of social media on fashion is most obvious when you look at Gossip Girl’s new “it girl” Julien Calloway, played by Jordan Alexander. Her style draws inspiration from Sofia Richie, Hailey Bieber, and Adut Akech, who served as a main influence on the character.

The show’s costumes are a mix the high-low and vintage pieces, and each character has their own unique style. To discover the one you vibe with the most, head to HBO Max and catch up with new episodes of Gossip Girl as they air weekly this summer.