Fenty Unveils Faux Leather Capsule Collection

Many of our favorite luxury brands are trying to make their approach to fashion more environment-friendly and Fenty is succeeding. Their first-ever faux leather collection utilizes new materials and innovative techniques to reimagine some of the brand’s signature products.

This new drop features a total of seven pieces, and if you think they look familiar, you’re not wrong. This is only the extension of Fenty’s 2-20 collection, and it features faux leather alternatives to some of the previous pieces, made with a bland of 50% polyurethane and 50% polyester with a soft cotton lining.

Fenty’s new collection features baggy pants, hoodies, oversized shirts, and corset dress and skirt, inspired by utility wear, primarily work uniforms of tradespeople.

“The tough, protective connotations of leather and striking silhouettes of uniforms are combined with the soft, rippling faux leather to give a relaxed Fenty feel – this juxtaposition speaks to the Fenty DNA of contrasts, rebelliousness, and redefined luxury,” reads brand’s press release.