#FrenchRivieraInspired Style: The Key Pieces

Photo by Emily Bauman on Unsplash

French Riviera style is a classic of its own. It’s inspired by the ’50s decade and remains mostly unchanged over decades. Instagram is a great place to begin your research for the key pieces for recreating this incredible style.

Wrap Blouse

Little white blouses are a necessity for cruises and they look so cute over a bikini!

🛋 #desedesofa #sofagoals

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Straw Hat

Don’t even think about going out without a straw hat. A true French Riviera hat has a striped blue-white ribbon, but you can pick any color you like.


These light shoes are perfect for long, fashionable walks.

A trip to the local vineyards 🍷

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Basket Bags

This just happens to be one of the biggest trends of this summer, so you shouldn’t have problems finding your favorite model.

Merkado Girl 🍒🍏 #LA

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Striped Dress

Nothing says “French” better than a striped dress, don’t you think?

Pause-itano 😌

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Red Floral Print

French women love red dresses, so this is a perfect choice for an exciting day of exploring.