Gucci Launches Makeup Line with New Collection of Lipstick

Alessandro Michele completely redefined Gucci’s beauty line since becoming creative director of this fashion house in 2015, and he just took another big step in the right direction by a re-launching brand’s makeup line.

Michele teamed up with Gucci’s new global makeup artist Thomas de Kluyver to create a vibrant collection of 58 lipsticks with a long-lasting finish. They were inspired by the classic movies from Hollywood’s golden age.

“The bold color palette speaks to the eccentric and free-spirited mood of the house’s collections – an unconfined and unlimited form of self-expression – with each lipstick encased within precious gold-toned packaging etched with an intricately engraved design,” reads the brand’s official description of the new collection.

Gucci launched its makeup collection in 2014, and it used to feature everything from lipstick and eyeshadow to foundation and blush. Unfortunately, their beauty line fell off the radar, but Alessandro Michele decided to bring it back and he intends to make it bigger and better than ever.