Hermès is Ready to Conquer the Beauty World With New Line of Lipsticks

If you ever wondered what it would look like if Hermès ever entered the beauty world, we finally have the answer. The Birkin bag of lipsticks is finally here, thanks to the brand’s newly launched Rouge Hermès collection.

Described as “a complete collection dedicated to the beauty of the lips,” this is only the first launch of Hermès’ highly-anticipated beauty line, and it offers a glimpse of amazing things yet to come.

“Objects designed by Pierre Hardy that are at once poetic, functional and refillable. A durable object in lacquered, polished and brushed metal, Rouge Hermès is protected by a canvas pouch and slipped inside its little orange box!,” reads Hermès’ press release.

Rouge Hermès offers a wide range of choices to the fans of the brand since it comes with a total of 24 lipsticks, priced at $68 apiece. You can pick between 14 lipsticks with a satin finish, and an additional 10 matte lipsticks—all of which can be refilled once you’re done using them.