Landscape-Inspired Nail Designs Will Be All the Rage This Year

Landscape-Inspired Nail Designs
Photo by Paz Arando on Unsplash

If you enjoy experimenting with your nails, 2022 will give you a lot of room to be creative because it’s bringing many amazing trends our way. Landscape-inspired nails that offer an escape at your fingertips will be a huge hit this year, and here are some of the most popular designs that fall under this category.

Geode Nails

Geode nails have been around for some time, and they’ll be shining brighter than ever in 2022. They’re one of the most creative landscape-inspired designs on the market and you can make them even more amazing if you try experimenting with textures and colors.

Ocean Nails

If you’re wondering which nail art trend we’ll be rocking all summer long, ocean nails are here to stay and they’ll be as trendy as ever this year.

Aurora Nails

Move over galaxy nails because there’s another dreamy and magical nail trend in town! Constellation-inspired nail art will still be a huge hit, but it’ll have to make room for aurora nails, which allow you to wear the northern lights at your fingertips.

Desert Nails

If you’re looking for a landscape-inspired design that’s not too showy, desert nails will be your thing. They’re perfect for people who enjoy neutral and subtle colors but also allow you to experiment with fun prints.