Levi’s Snoopy Capsule Collection

Image via mrdenimstore/Instagram

Everybody has seen or heard something about Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s pet, at least once in their lifetime. Since his debut, which was, believe or not, almost 70 years ago, on October 4th 1950, Snoopy became one of the most popular dog characters in the world, both in comics and on television.

And now in 2018, 18 years since his “father”, Charles Monroe Schulz, American cartoonist died, and in the Chinese Year of the dog, this charming little beagle becomes part of Levi’s.

Snoopy’s funny personality can be seen on T-shirts, beanies, caps, bandanas, tote bags and long-sleeve crewnecks, and it will surely make you, and your outfit, stand out. The Snoopy Capsule Collection is not only made for women, but also for man. White, black, bag, beanie or a cap, long- or short-sleeve, the choice is yours.

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