How to wear these spring shoes

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What does it take to be considered a fashion icon? Does it require ample amounts of money or can it simply be achieved by adding a contrasting element to your outfit? This is what Stuart Weitzman has to say on the topic.

Ankle Straps

These may pair beautifully with a dress but that is not the only option. Tailored pants can prove to be the perfect compliment to your favorite strap heels.

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Earthy Slides

These can be used to bring a touch of earth to an otherwise airy outfit. Think pastel colors combined with some brown slides.

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T-bar flats

It is not always possible to change twice a day. This conundrum is easily solved by an outfit that can be suitable for both the night and day. A dress that hugs the body can do just this if t is paired with T-bar flats.

Flat sandals

There are dresses which cannot be worn on just any day, or can they? Flat sandals will add a casual flair to the most tailored dress. Allowing for everyday wear.

Refined loafers

Instead of pairing those stunning loafers with a matching traditional cotton dress, why not try a dress with that has some modern flair.