Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer With These Expert Tips

So many ladies struggle with hair growth and dream of having a gorgeous mane like the ones they see on Instagram. There are certain tricks you can do that will help you in the process. Of course, this does not happen overnight, but these tips will definitely get you there.

The tricks below are recommended by experts and can help your hair grow faster and longer.


Taking vitamins can significantly help with the health of your hair. The best idea is to talk to your doctor and get professional advice about what kind of supplements you should take. There are numerous brands who sell vitamins for skin, hair, and nails which also have great reviews.

Silk Pillowcase

Yes, sleeping on a silk pillowcase can make a huge change for your mane. It prevents damage and breakage, which also means that your hair will grow faster and longer.

Stay Away From Hot Tools

Only healthy hair grows fast. Forget about curling irons, wands, straightening irons. If you want to help your hair grow faster you need to stay away from heat.

Read the Ingredients

Ingredients such as parabens, SLS, silicones, should not be a part of the products you use on the hair. They can be found in shampoos, conditioners, and sprays.