Margot Robbie Delivered the Ultimate Fashion Hack

Has there ever been a more glorious innovation than the ability to wear athletic clothes in public and have it be chic? We don’t think so. There’s nothing quite like running late in the morning and wanting to be oh so comfy while still looking cute and dressing quickly and being able to throw on leggings and a tight shirt and call it fashion. There is a caveat to this look – now that athleisure is so pervasive, everyone kinda knows how little time and effort you put into your appearance. Not that you look bad, but it’s a very casual look that’s not entirely appropriate for all circumstances. 

Fortunately, Margot Robbie has offered up the perfect solution to this problem. The actress was spotted wearing leggings and a crop top, showing off her enviable abs and feeling cozy while doing it. While this is the trademark athleisure look, Robbie opted to up the chic factor in her outfit by adding a gorgeous dual pattern (plaid on the outside, leopard on the inside) coat over top. Voila! Super comfortable and super versatile. Thanks for the tip Margot!