The Best Ways to Keep Wearing Your Summer Pieces Into Fall

Summer lovin’ had me a blaaast, summer lovin’ happened so faaast (we all know how the song goes from Grease). Too fast if you ask us. If you’re like us and bought a gorgeous summer wardrobe only to have fall approach without warning – leaving you scrambling for warmer clothes, we’ve got you covered -literally.

Your Go-To Fall Shoe

It might also happen to be the same one that you wore in summer. That’s right, remake your summer staple sandal with tights and longer hemlines for a piece that’s just as fabulous in the autumn chill. 

The Flowy Dress

Take your favorite cutesy daytime dress from summer and pair it with a trench coat and jewel-tone heels for the perfect fall outfit that’s classy, fun, and weather-appropriate. 

Layer Up

Everyone knows that fall weather is all about layering in order to keep up with the daily changes in temperature. But instead of a sweater and jacket, try layering dresses over tights and blousy shirts under dresses or overalls – you get the picture.