Use These 3 Tricks to Secure Your Makeup While Traveling

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Most of us want to look flawless in the photos from our travels, and can’t imagine hitting the road without our makeup. Protecting the contents of your suitcase from spillable products can be tricky, but you can avoid it by following these three steps.

Avoid Liquids

It’s always best to avoid carrying liquid products with you to avoid the risk of having them spill all over your bag. If you can’t imagine going anywhere without them, make sure to put them inside a Ziploc bag and secure their lids with tape or rubber bands.

Follow Your Plan

Don’t take your entire makeup bag on your next trip. Opt for a couple of beauty essentials that you’re using on regular basis, and leave everything you don’t need back home.

Cushion Fragile Items

If you happen to have bubble wrap on hand, it’s the best thing you could possibly use to protect your palettes, pressed powders and other easily breakable products. Wrapping them inside your clothes can also work, just make sure to put them inside a bag so they wouldn’t be all over the place if they break.