Nike Revealed an Exclusive Women’s Capsule Sneaker Collection

Image by @nikewomen / Instagram

Traditionally, women don’t have as many selection of sneakers as men. Nike’s goal is to reshape it, so women will have more option to choose.

The 1 Reimagined lineup was made by 14 designers coming from nine different countries for all-women team. The collection highlights high fashioned specifics like lacings and velvet lining. It consists of 10 different styles on Nike’s classic Air Force 1 and Air Jordan. To highlight the specifics of the design, Julie Igarashi, vice president and creative director of Nike Women says, “We obsess over the performance needs of the athlete,”. She visualizes a consumer as a resident of the fashion week, “whether that’s someone playing on the NBA court or somebody who is on her feet for 10 hours on end.”

The project finished for 5 weeks at their HQ in London. According to Georgina James, Nike’s senior creative director of women’s footwear, the team got closer instantly. “We created a set of rules to work by: ‘Stay chill; be honest; leave your egos at the door; have fun.’” They observed people in a public place to get insights and during their off hours, they went out for food, wine and other girl stuffs.

Nike’s materials design director, Marie Crow, emphasizes that the sneakers look better in action. “Underneath the perforation, there’s a metallic layer. And when you move, you see a spark.” She set AF1 style as an example.