Shed your Winter Layers with these Spring Styles

Image by Scarletclothing/Instagram

It often happens that when spring arrives, you look at your wardrobe and wish that winter could still go on. It just doesn’t seem like you have anything to wear.

The best thing that you can do is to ease yourself into spring with some color and whatever you wear, wear it with confidence.

Get into a sweet plaid dress and some trendy white boots and you are good to go. Add some structural earrings and you’ll give the outfit a city-friendly touch that will turn heads. Don’t worry about the white boot bandwagon, it’s not too late.

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If plaid and colorful is not your style, you can always go the denim route. Denim is timeless, classic and can be worn in endless ways. Look for shaping silhouettes and denim washes to make things interesting.

Simple black and white can easily turn into a powerful statement. The 80’s power suit is excellent when combined with a statement t-shirt and a hint of fun color.

Floral prints and spring go hand in hand. If you want to go for a relaxed, “I just threw this on’ look, a flattering all-over-print jumpsuit will do just the trick.

However, the key to spring is to show off your longer limbs after a long season hibernation.