Slingback Shoes Are Perfect For Late Summer and Early Fall

The first fall collections are here and you’re anxious to wear the latest trends, but the weather is still hot — what can you do? The key is to find pieces that can work for both summer and fall, and when it comes to shoes, we have just the right model.

Slingback shoes are like a sandal/loafer hybrid and they have been a huge fall hit for a few seasons now. They can be as simple as you want or feature various embellishments. A number of designers have them in their collection and they make them in every possible color and version you can think of.

Slingback shoes are also a perfect summer shoe model if you can’t wear sandals or other open-toe models (for example, in office outfits). If you’ve been loving them all summer long, know that it’s still not time to leave them to rest until next year. You can basically wear them until the weather starts requiring ankle boots.

Do you have a favorite model? What do you think about this type of shoe?