The Most Stylish Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack

Fanny pack is one of those fashion items that made a huge comeback in the last few years, even though no one really asked for it. Love it or hate it, this trend is here to stay and it can actually look pretty cute when you style it right.

Front and Center

If you’re trying to draw attention to your fanny pack, wearing it in a place where everyone can see it is a must, and if you do it right it can work with pretty much every outfit.

Cross Body

Dozens of runway models wore their fanny packs cross body to put them on full display, and this common practice if making its way into our everyday lives.

Over the Shoulder

Bella Hadid is one of the celebs who mastered all the possible ways of wearing a fanny pack, and if you like experimenting as much as it does feel free to wear it around the shoulder, or even on your back.

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