These Colors Go Great With Gold Jewelry

Whether you prefer wearing jewelry made of real gold or just cheap gold-colored pieces you can change often, you know that pairing it with your clothes can be a tricky task. Big or small, gold jewelry always draws attention and can clash with your clothes and accessories if you’re not careful. Here are the best colors to wear it with.


You can’t go wrong with black. Whenever you’re in doubt about clothes that will match your gold jewelry or other noticeable accessories, you can choose a black outfit. Head to toe or paired with some other color, it’s your choice.

Emerald Green

Emerald green is perfect for fall and matches gold amazingly. Unless you wear a dress, it’s not easy to have a complete outfit in emerald green, so pair it with nude for the best effect.


This is for the brave ones among you. When you pair two different metal colors, it’s important that one of them is more dominant than the other. For example, you can wear gold jewelry with a metallic dress in a silver-tone.