This Will Be the Trendiest Coat For The Upcoming Winter

You’re probably not even thinking about winter yet, with high temperatures and all those gorgeous dresses you have yet to wear. But it’s predicted that teddy coats will, once again, be the trendiest coat for next year.

In 2013, Max Mara reincarnated this piece straight from the ‘80s, but it reached the peak of its popularity last year. At first, many girls were hesitant to get it, thinking it will end up at the back of their closets after wearing it a few times like most of the trends. But as teddy coat proved to be a versatile and even classic piece, it became one of the staples that millions of girls own and wear with various outfits.

How can you wear it? However you like! Teddy coats come in many colors, from neutrals to brights, and they go great with jeans and a sweater, but also with a dress and boots. Teddy coats can be seen in many winter collections from brands like Celine, Ralph Lauren, and plenty others.