What is Micellar Water and Should You Use It?

You’ve probably been seeing, reading, hearing about micellar water everywhere. But the real question still stands, what is it exactly and should you use it? This water is actually a mix of water with numerous nurturing and hydrating agents. The small molecules are called micelles and are able to penetrate the skin while also removing makeup and dirt.

Everyone, starting with celebrities, to models with the most flawless skin, swear by micellar water. This is not a new product, in fact, it has been around for quite a while. These days you can find it from many different brands and labeled for normal, dry, or oily skin. This water is great for people with sensitive and dry skin because of its hydrating potential. Also, acne-prone skin can benefit a lot from this product because it removes the impurities while also preventing drying out the skin.

Another thing most ladies are not sure of is how to use micellar water. You only need cotton pads and your product. Soak the pads and star cleaning the skin. After you’re done, some dermatologists suggest that you wash the face with water, while others say it’s not necessary. If you notice any irritations, you should definitely rinse it off.