Top 5 Fashion Trends That Shaped Our Style in 2020

If your personal style completely transformed over the course of last year, you’re not the only one. Zoom calls, quarantine, and countless days stuck at home changed the way we dress and gave us these five defining fashion trends of 2020.


Tie-dye isn’t a novelty in the fashion world, but it was going stronger than ever in the last 12 months because we all tried to create DIY tie-dye clothes to pass the time in quarantine.


Cottagecore was the defining aesthetic of 2020 and it had us all wearing prairie dress while dreaming of a peaceful life in the countryside.

Chic Face Masks

Face coverings allowed us to stay safe in the face of the global pandemic, but we also made sure to make them chic by opting for stylish models and matching them with our outfits.

Cozy Garments

If we split cozy garments into separate categories, they would take up the whole list because they were ruling 2020. From cozy sweatpants to nap dresses and silky pajamas, “stay at home” outfits have been trending all year long.

Knit Sets

Speaking of cozy garments, DIY knitting has been on the rise this year, and even people who haven’t discovered its magic couldn’t resist viral knit sets.