Visit Paris in 2024 and You Will Find a City of Only Sustainable Fashion

Photo by Francisco Mamani on Unsplash

Everyone has heard of Paris Fashion Week and knows that Paris is a legendary city for fashion.

Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and other iconic designers are from the French capital, making fashion simply run through the veins of Paris.

But, there is a big dark side to fashion. So much waste goes into the fashion industry, and the top leaders of the movement realized that a change needed to be made. So, they devised a plan that will be formalized in June to have Paris become the capital of sustainable fashion by 2024.

Though this might not seem like a big deal if you’re not into fashion, this goes way beyond just clothes and accessories. The fashion industry produces almost 20% of wastewater on a global scale and 10% of global carbon emissions. The fact is that whether you care about fashion or not, fashion is a climate change crisis.

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Paris is motivated to make their 2024 deadline because that’s when they’re set to host the Olympics. But whatever the motivation, Paris taking this step towards helping the environment shows what an amazing city it really is.

Not only do you have some of the most iconic buildings and restaurants in the world, but the next time you want to shop in Paris, you’ll get to do it more sustainably.